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May 6, 2012

Business briefs: May 6, 2012


At NYSEG, one Altec bucket truck with an electric hybrid lift is on the job in Mechanicville and an identical unit will be on the road in Binghamton later this month. Once this new-generation bucket truck arrives at a job site, the diesel engine can be shut off and the bucket can be operated on battery power, cutting emissions and reducing noise. The quiet lift operation also makes communication between personnel in the bucket and on the ground easier and safer.

"Adding these vehicles to our fleet is further evidence of our commitment to the environment and our desire to gather first-hand information on how they perform," said Mark S. Lynch, president of NYSEG and RG&E.

Green practices

PLATTSBURGH — Price Chopper has been recognized by GXT Green for its siginificant contributions to sustainability efforts and was named to the 2012 GXT Earth Day Honor Roll.

GXT cited Price Chopper's commitment to green building and environmental initiatives.

"Price Chopper has shown tremendous leadership in sustainability including LEED Certifications and an innovative natural-gas fuel cell that provides 60 percent of the electric energy for its newest Colonie store," it stated. "They have made a public commitment to a sustainable seafood supply in their chain. They continue to commit to more sustainable stores, products and packaging for their products, which ensures that they minimize their impact on our environment."

Bill Sweet, Price Chopper's vice president of engineering and construction, said Price Chopper is committed to reducing energy usage and carbon impacts and investing in sustainable and renewable technologies.

"Our shoppers will see displays and kiosks throughout the stores that explain what they are looking at and what we have done to conserve utilities and save energy, he said. "We hope that some of these green initiatives and the demonstrated results will inspire individuals to change their own behaviors."

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Business Spotlight
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