What you need to know about the online archives...

There are several different search methods and online archives:

  • Current Archives can be accessed using the Article Search box near the top of each page on this site.
  • The Daily Editions include all the local articles published in the Press-Republican on a given day over the past seven days as well as during prior weeks.
  • Old Archives — Search online articles from 1999 through April, 2007.
  • Very old archives including images (PDFs) of the Press-Republican and its predecessors — the Plattsburgh Sentinel and the Plattsburgh Republican.
  • Old obituaries include the period from April 1999 through August 2007. The link at the beginning of this paragraph will bring you to a page with all obituaries listed in alphabetical order. If you insert the name of the deceased in the Filter box and press Enter on your keyboard, the results will show all published obituaries with that name in the obituary title.

You can reach all the above archive sections from this page.

Search Box — To search our current archives, use the simple Article Search text box near the top of each page on this site. All articles matching your search term(s) will show up under Search Results and may span several pages.

Using the search box is simple: just type one or more words into the search box that relate to the subject you are searching for, hit Enter or click on the Go button, and a results page will list a series of headline links to articles that contain your search term(s).

The results will list the most recent articles first.

Here are a few tips on refining your search results:

  • Including more than one word will display results containing ANY of the words.
  • Placing double quotes (") on each end of a phrase of two or more words will display results with ALL of the words in that EXACT ORDER.

Daily Editions — You can find a link to the Daily Editions section on the left-side navigation bar immediately under Homepage on all sections of the site. Clicking on this link will bring you to the Daily Editions section which includes one story from each day of the week followed by a text link to a section listing all the local Press-Republican articles published online for that day of the week. If you keep moving through the pages you will begin to see additional articles for the same day seven days earlier, etc. You can also use the left-side navigation bar in the Daily Editions section to navigate directly to each daily edition.

The Daily Editions sections provide an easy way to review what local articles were published in the Press-Republican over the past week. Each Daily Edition includes local news articles, lifestyle features including Home & Garden (Monday), Health (Tuesday), Seniors (Wednesday), Out & About (Thursday), Faith and Spirituality (Friday) and Family (Saturday) editorial, Cheers and Jeers (Monday), letters to the editor, Speakout, In My Opinion pieces, columns, sports articles and obituaries.

Old Archives — Search online articles from 1999 through April, 2007. Our Old Archives section includes articles published online from the launch of on January 1, 1999 until we switched to our current site platform on April 16, 2007. Clicking in the check box of one of the categories and including a search term will bring you to a list of links to articles related to the search term within that category. It should be understood, as well, that not every locally written article was published online, so this archive can't be considered a complete archive of the Press-Republican newspaper.

Very old archives section: Historic newspapers — The Very Old Archives Section uses scanned images of old Press-Republican newspaper pages and predecessors of the Press-Republican — the Plattsburgh Sentinel and the Plattsburgh Republican. These images and the site that hosts them are part of the Northern New York Library Network.