January 31, 2013

Tattoo artist nabs $16 million in free ads with Kaepernick's ink


Hanging in the shop is a picture of Kaepernick and Andrion, who had just put the finishing touches on his favorite of the quarterback's tattoos, the one that reads, "God Will Guide Me." Part of that one will be visible to viewers on Kaepernick's left bicep. Other illustrations include scripture verses and the slogan "Against All Odds."

Andrion ponders what's next for his business while driving the 30 miles to work each day in a 1998 Honda Prelude whose odometer reads 188,000 miles.

Not even Kaepernick's friendship, visibility and promotional possibilities are enough to prompt a change of football allegiance for Andrion.

"I'm a Patriots' fan, bro," he said. "Colin knows."

But come Super Bowl Sunday, Andrion said, he's willing to become a 49ers fan, just this once.

"I'm really going for him," Andrion said. "He puts money in my pocket."

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