PPR footbridge park7 1007

P-R PHOTOs/ALVIN REINER In the comfort of a hut constructed with cedar bark, Allie Pierson, Julia Hooper, Elise Pierson and Oakley Buehler take a break from the trail that meanders through Elizabethtown's Footbridge Park. Left, Ava Pepe, Julia Hooper and Oakley Buehler zipped down the Otter Slide at Elizabethtown's Footbridge Park. Below left, Gay Olcott and several youngsters discover the lair of fall webworms as they wander through. Below center, one of the most popular uses of Elizabethtown's Footbridge Park is having a picnic lunch or dinner near the river as Elise, Allie and their mother, Kristi Pierson, are doing. Below right, youngsters try their hands, and feet, on a low ropes course.