Pinch of Time

June 15, 2011

Grandchildren will keep you laughing

Grandchildren are the apple of a grandparent's eye.

Whoever said, "If I had known it was so much fun to have grandchildren, I would have had them first," was right on the mark.

Most of the time a grandparent is one step removed from discipline, bath time, school work and arguing with a teenager about what they want to wear.

Today, it's quite common for grandparents to have custody of their grandchildren. They deserve heaps of respect in my book because as we grow older, our nerves get more and more tender to noise and activity coming at us.

Toby and I have been blessed with 18 grandchildren, both by birth and born of our hearts (stepchildren), but they are all the same to us — wonderful. They make us laugh with their innocent minds when they are small. What comes to their thoughts, comes out of their mouths, unadulterated and most often, funny.

Our Quinnie was about 6 when he last visited the North Country from Colorado. A very active child, he was running through his Uncle Randy's house in Brushton, when Uncle Randy told him to slow down or he was going to have to sit quietly. Quinnie looked at him, with sparkling blue eyes, blond hair, arms bent to show his muscles, and said, "You want a piece of this?" Randy was so surprised by the kid that he had a hard time not to laugh.

When grandson Jesse was about 3, his family stayed with us in our mother-in-law's apartment, which is separated by a slatted door. He would wake up during the night, take his blankie and stand at the door to our kitchen and whisper, "Open the door." When nobody heard him, he'd say a little louder, "Open the door." If still no response, the third time was a very loud, "OPEN THE DOOR." My husband, the night owl watching television in the living room, would bring him into the living room, and both would fall asleep in the recliner.

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