Pinch of Time

January 23, 2013

New Year means sorting and organizing

January is the one month of the year when I seriously sort and organize,

one of my hobbies. I’m not sure if it’s because outside work is impossible or if it’s just too darn cold. 

I start with my books and magazines. The only danger in sorting is to not — under any circumstances — stop to read what you are sorting. Nine times out of 10 that means an elongated period of tearing pages out of magazines for recipes, hints or whatever, which presents another organizing problem: what to do with them? 

Beware if you are sorting out old keepsake boxes (the grown kids’ first-grade artwork), closets or trunks: Stopping to reminisce will lead you to keeping most of what you originally planned to throw away.

Among the dictionaries, genealogy books and variety of Bibles I have on my bookshelves, I found a 2002 copy of Chase’s Calendar of Events. I figured a publication 11 years old surely should be in the recycling bin by day’s end, until I started flipping through it. In January, alone, I was amazed at the “holidays” we celebrate and “events” that we observe. 

Some of these events, such as “Senior Spirit” month, are inspiring. The focus is on “senior women’s second chances.” It encourages women to build a whole new life starting with not dressing your age, changing your attitude, making new friends, sharing your problems or lending a helping hand. Most of that is good advice, but I’m not so sure about not dressing my age.

On Jan. 3 we are reminded to celebrate the anniversary of “Queen for a Day,” the 1956 television show that awarded prizes to the woman who could present the saddest story of misfortune, and what she thought the solution was. The audience would vote by their applause, registered by an applause meter that would indicate the winner.

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Pinch of Time