Pinch of Time

January 15, 2014

Varying weather couldn't rain on this parade

Toby and I have been on the road again, visiting family in Colorado Springs.

Having checked the weather, we left Plattsburgh the week before Christmas. The forecast was for clear skies and high 30s, perfect for 500-mile driving days. As often happens, though, that’s not the way it played out.

Our first night was in the Ashtabula, Ohio, area at one of the nicest and cleanest America’s Best Value Inn locations. The next day dawned sunny and 38. We took off for Indiana and Illinois, staying in Effingham, Ill.

A little humor on the road never hurt anyone so I’ll share a little incident that made me laugh. Toby packed his own suitcase, because after our last trip to Pennsylvania, when I packed it, he wasn’t pleased that I left half his clothes at home on the couch, where he put them.

In Ashtabula, I asked him if he wanted to use the toothpaste before I packed it away. That was when he discovered he had forgotten his toothbrush. I wasn’t really surprised — it’s a guy thing. I said I would go to the front desk and ask for a complimentary one. He looked at me with all seriousness and asked, “Are they new?”

After a moment of thought, I said, with my dry British humor in control, “No, honey, they collect up all the toothbrushes people leave behind and hand them out to people like you who forget theirs.”

He rolled his eyes and said “Good one, Susan,” as I headed to the front desk. I think he was suffering from road fatigue after driving 500 miles the day before.

As always, we checked the national weather, surprised to see a severe weather warning for Kansas. We have experienced Kansas weather before, with a tornado that chased us and, another year, a snow storm with high winds and whiteouts. This warning was for an ice storm.

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Pinch of Time