Pinch of Time

October 5, 2011

Poem sheds light on school reunions

I can’t believe it’s been 46 years since I graduated from Salmon River Central School in Fort Covington. Where have the years gone?

Obe Duprey was senior-class president, and I was vice president. I’d have to look in my yearbook to remember who filled the rest of the offices.

We held a 10-year reunion and had a wonderful 25-year reunion. Two of our teachers attended, Joanne McElwain, the homemaking teacher, and Katherine Sullivan, the English teacher. Mrs. McElwain was always happy and quick to remind you to get that suit sewn by the deadline. Miss Sullivan would stroll around the classroom reading Shakespeare to us. We couldn’t understand what she was reading, but we knew she meant business when she threw the chalkboard eraser at the boys in the back of the room who weren’t paying attention. She has since passed away.

We definitely need to have a 50th. I think it’s easier to get together as you get older. There’s nothing to prove anymore. If you aren’t happy and settled in by this age, you probably aren’t ever going to be. I would say 98 percent of the people there will be chubby or bald or have gray hair, but at least they will be there. We have quite a few who we’ll never see again.

I was thinking about our pending class reunion when I got an email that made me laugh out loud, shake my head and say, “Yes, that’s the way it is.” I’d like to share it with you:

“Every ten years, as summertime nears, an announcement arrives in the mail; a reunion is planned; it’ll be really grand; make plans to attend without fail.

“I’ll never forget the first time we met, we tried so hard to impress; we drove fancy cars, smoked big cigars, and wore our most elegant dress.

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Pinch of Time