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May 4, 2011

Royal wedding bedazzles Brits

It's been a few days, but I am still bedazzled by "the" royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, now duke and duchess of Cambridge. All I can say is "Wow!"

What a day to be British. Anybody with half a drop of British blood should feel proud.

Can you imagine any greater fairy tale? Catherine must feel like Alice (in Wonderland) when she stepped through the looking glass. She went to sleep one night as Kate Middleton, and by noontime the next is a future queen.

After all the speculation about the bride's gown, simplicity and beauty was perfection. From the delicate lace bodice, to the respectful length of her train, it sparkled, like the modest tiara that anchored her veil — if an antique diamond tiara belonging to the queen of England can be called "modest."

Not to forget the bridegroom, so handsome and honorable in his colonel of the Irish Guard uniform, and a smile on his face that wouldn't quit. His eyes lit up like sparklers when he saw her for the first time.

Did anybody notice Prince Harry look over his shoulder and take a glance at Catherine coming up the aisle of Westminster Abbey? He then commented to Prince William, probably something like this: "Wow! Wait until you see Kate."

During the ceremony, the poise and unspoken love between William and Catherine was so sincere that you could feel it from 6,000 miles away. Every minute was planned, approved and thoroughly enjoyed by the young couple.

Special occasions in Britain are punctuated by women's hats. What shall we say about the plethora of hats on this special wedding day? Some were elegant, some were too large, some were too small, some looked like they belonged on a court jester (Princess Beatrice) and some were pompously left at home, such as Samantha Cameron, the wife of the British prime minister.

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