Pinch of Time

March 20, 2013

Technology allows for virtual baby shower

When miles separate family and special events occur, it’s difficult to celebrate and involve everybody in the festivities.

This is particularly true when a new baby is expected in the family and a baby shower is in the works. Nowadays, if you enter technology into the equation, it offers a great option.

My granddaughter Emily and her husband, Jared, moved to Indiana following their 2010 wedding. 

Last fall, Emily found out she was expecting their first child, a little girl who will be named Britton Adelaide. So, how do you put on a baby shower for Emily?

Her sister, Hannah, who never ceases to amaze me with new ideas to old problems, theorized that if we can all Skype each other just to visit, then we should be able to Skype the baby shower. Great idea, but I wasn’t sold on the theory.

For our readers who are scratching their heads at this point, let me explain. In order to Skype, both people need a laptop or desktop computer with a camera attached. After downloading the program to your computer, you can call someone, and if their computer is on, they will answer — just like a phone — but the big difference is that you can see each other.

I remember the days when I used to think, “Heaven forbid phones ever have a way to show my picture in curlers or without makeup.” Guess I wasn’t a visionary.

Hannah and Emily’s mom, my daughter Tracey, was thrilled with the idea. They made invitations with a sonogram picture of Britton. (Don’t tell them I said this, but in their enthusiasm, they forgot to print the date on the invitation. Hannah was busy with her job and Tracey was in Indiana visiting Emily and Jared, and the “oops” happened. Not to worry, though. That other technology-enabled social network called Facebook was a quick way to notify the 30 or so invitees of the date.)

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