Pinch of Time

December 14, 2011

Christmas memories remembered

Only 10 more days until the magic of Christmas Eve, followed by the traditions of Christmas Day.

I recently found some photos of Christmas plays and family times in Westville, Trout River and Malone. I remember many happy Christmas days and a few sad ones, prosperous and lean Christmas times, but I can never remember a year when we didn't celebrate Christmas together as a family.

Some memories never fade, such as the years and years I played a Christmas angel at the Methodist Church in Trout River.

No matter how cold or snowy it was, we would have a play or Christmas Eve service at that little country church. As one of the teens, I dressed as an angel quite often — you can stop laughing now. The costume consisted of a white choir robe, fabric-covered cardboard for wings and shiny silver and gold tinsel in our hair for a halo.

It was never easy to talk the boys into being angels. They didn't know the meaning of the word. But Lyle Wilson always gave in and wore the angel garb.

One year we were walking in from the back of the little church, toward the choir chairs, when Lyle's tinsel "halo" slipped down over his eyes, and he couldn't see. He tried to act like nothing had happened, pushed it back up, and the picky tinsel stuck in his nostril, which made him sneeze. When he sneezed, his wings slipped sideways.

His sister, Elaine, and I started to laugh and got a lot of very nasty looks from the elder church members. Can't imagine why they didn't think that was funny.

When I was younger, the church ladies made up little Christmas boxes for the children, about the size of an animal-cracker box, filled with nuts and candy. We also got a small present and an orange, usually from Santa, who would come in at the end of the worship service.

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Pinch of Time