Pinch of Time

January 11, 2012

Rethink your New Year's plan

When the "ball" falls in Times Square, ushering in a new year, the crowds cheer, wave their arms and kiss anybody who is near. How exciting!

However, that's not my New Year. I wait a day or two after Jan. 1 then take inventory on my weight, my eating habits, my clutter and how to do better with money, a new beginning for all things. Can I hear an "amen" from our readers?

New and improved

I keep an eye on the sale papers for the next "better and improved" product to help our household run more smoothly. There's always a new something, right down to bag clips.

One of my pet peeves is closing up the bag of anything (potato chips, cereal, oatmeal, bread). It used to drive me crazy not to have one of those cute, pretty little clips to keep the food fresh.

What to do now when I can't find one? Use a clothespin.

My dad, Artie McGibbon, used to say to me, "What do you think they did before they had ... ?" Fill in the blank. Anyone over 50 years old will know what I mean.

Take the clothespin. Who needs a fancy clip with polka dots, smiley faces or whatever? A clothespin will do the trick just fine — at 50 pins for under a dollar.

My dear friend, Maureen, who passed away in 2010, went one better. Her way of closing a bread bag was to twist it around, down to where the bread begins, then double the bag over, making a completely airtight closure and keeping her money in her pocket. That works for me.

Old-fashioned exercise

How about eating habits and weight? I think they go hand in hand. I might add exercise in there, too, which is something I just don't get enough of.

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Pinch of Time