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November 5, 2012

One woman's castoff is another's coup

Annual Plattsburgh auction to raise money for arts program

PLATTSBURGH — A robochair is the “something different” that artist Cynthia Parker dreamed up for Saturday’s Arms, Legs, Art & Antiques Auction.

The annual fundraiser for the North Country Cultural Center for the Arts will be held in the Strand Theater on Brinkerhoff Street in Plattsburgh.

“One time, I did a medieval candleholder that was wooden, and I blinged it up with a lot of gems and things like that,” said Parker of Cynthia’s Creations, who has participated in the event seven times.

“I’ve painted skis before with folk art. I’ve done three or four different chairs. They all tend to be toward the girly side. I decided this year to do something that would appeal to the male population.”

The robochair is a gleaming silver.

“I always use recycled items,” Parker said. “I ended up getting the dryer vents and the roadside markers and trying to figure out how cool I could make it look. It’s a totally old captain’s chair. I screwed in dryer vents for the arms that are hanging down. It’s really pretty plain, but it does look like a robot. I used washers and screws for the eyes and nose. I added the antennae, the red reflector road markers you use on the side of your driveway.”

She sanded the chair, primed it, sprayed it with silver enamel and finished with an acrylic overcoat.

The robochair is the perfect accent for a man cave, boy’s room or just decorative art.

“I made a mermaid chair, and I put a hidden treasure on the bottom side of the chair. It was a treasure chest overflowing with gems and pearls. The top has a picture of a mermaid. Some people hang it on the wall so you can see underneath it. They are recycled, so they are not made for a lot of tough use. They’re decorative arts,” Parker said.

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