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October 18, 2013

Ladybugs may seek refuge in your home


But how can you discourage them from moving in with you for the winter? 

“Anything you do to stop drafts will also stop ladybugs.” 

However, Ivy admitted, “they have a way of getting in that’s pretty amazing.”

In the spring, they re-emerge and seek the outdoors. As they all do so at once, it can seem like a big crowd, but they have not been breeding during the winter — just hibernating.

“It’s just that there may have been more there than you realized.”

Ivy hopes North Country residents will be reassured by the knowledge that they ladybugs are not breeding or laying eggs inside their houses. 

“They’re just hunkering down in the winter.”



Learn more about the Asian multicolored ladybug and see photographs: See an image of the western conifer seed bug:


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