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October 29, 2012

Decorating tips from Halloween experts on a budget

You can decorate for less with smart shopping, creativity


“I like to use a lot of the same decorations every year, but in different ways,” Provost said.

“My favorite part is decorating with my family. We use a witch for the front door, stickers on the windows and pumpkins with smiley faces on them,” Provost said.

Hanging plastic pumpkins from a 20-foot tree is no easy task; however, Ann-Marie LeVigne, 73, and her husband, Jerry LaVigne, 74, of Plattsburgh said they enjoy decorating together as a couple.

“Being an ex-kindergarten teacher, I feel like I have to decorate, but Jerry definitely helps me a lot,” Mrs. LeVigne said.

She offers helpful tips from her own experience for Halloween fanatics on a budget.

“Basically, I look for sales; I usually go to Lowes, TJ Maxx and Michael’s,” Mrs. LaVigne said. “I like to shop after the holiday and use the decorations the next year if I can find them.”



▶ Re-use household goods for decorations. Sheets can become ghosts; painted cardboard can become tombstones.

▶ Shop after the holidays and look for sales.

▶ Use coupons and mail-in rebates.

▶ Look for decorations at yard sales, thrift shops and at

▶ Be creative: With a little ingenuity, shredded black plastic crafted onto a bent coat hanger can become a Halloween wreath; empty milk jugs can be hung together to create a skeleton.

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