November 6, 2012

Clinton County to hold anthrax-exposure drill

PLATTSBURGH — Clinton County Health Department officials are looking for volunteer help from the community to practice a mass-immunization drill for anthrax exposure.

As with all local health departments in New York state, Clinton County’s has to hold such an event to help employees train for a possible disaster, whether of natural or human origin.

The Health Department has used the practice to distribute flu shots in the past but has focused on anthrax over the past two years.

“It’s a state mandate that we test our response (to a major catastrophe),” said Peggy Labombard of the Health Department’s Environmental Division. 


Staff must show they can serve up to 50 people exposed to a danger such as anthrax in a 15-minute period, she explained.

Franklin County recently held a similar event, using students as its target population.

Clinton County is hoping to focus on senior citizens but is accepting all volunteers who would like to participate.

The distribution point, defined as any location where a large group meets to receive immunizations, will be the Senior Citizens Council, 5139 North Catherine St., Plattsburgh.

The drill will begin at 1 p.m. Volunteers will be scheduled at 15-minute increments for every set of 50 people registered.

Registration can be done online; the deadline is Nov. 30. Registrants will be asked a series of six questions to help health officials determine what kind of anthrax antibiotic they should be given.

“Some people, such as pregnant women, can only receive one specific kind of medicine,” Labombard explained. “If this were a real event, medication would be provided based on a medical history of those exposed.”


For the Dec. 5 practice, volunteers with special medical conditions will be given M&Ms candies as their anthrax antibiotic, while everyone else will receive Skittles to simulate their treatment.

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