May 6, 2014

Powering through ailments

“Chew tobacco. Chew tobacco. Chew tobacco. Spit.”

Blake Shelton’s “Boys ‘Round Here” was on the WOKO rotation as I applied MAC foundation this morning and thought about what I had to do today, including write this column.

The going is hard when you’re not up to “snuff.”

I’m still feeling the effects of a spring cold that was compounded by my asthma kicking in because of all the rainy weather.

But after rubbing some of my grandmother’s tried and true yucky-smelling salve on my chest and back, I began to feel better.

An albuterol inhaler did wonders for my lungs. Thanks VA Clinic.

So, last Wednesday after our Plattsburgh BetterU group meeting, I stretched out and just did cardio to get back onto the recumbent bike seat, as it were.

Despite not working out for a week, I maintained Eclipse head trainer Michelle Mosher’s guidelines for protein/carbs/fat consumption and eating every three hours. I still managed to lose several pounds, which is good, but this Wednesday the proof may be in the pudding — and no, I haven’t had any. Well, there was that vanilla junior Frosty … but don’t tell Michelle.

Right now we’re at 40 percent protein, 40 percent carbs and 20 percent fat. Mosher said we are getting healthy, and the bonus is we lose weight. Right on, right on.

On Thursday, I did legs and more cardio. Friday, I awoke with a wonky left ankle. It was fine when I went to sleep but man oh man I could barely walk Friday morning.

I should have iced it, probably still need to, but I didn’t. I took two Aleve and rubbed Biofreeze into the swollen joint.

Friday and Saturday are my recovery days because I get enough of a workout shuttling SUNY Plattsburgh’s finest and brightest around town.

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