June 18, 2013

Mental-health agencies eye new gun law


"There have been some significant issues with the portal and delaying the data," Reif said. "We've decided to wait (to use the portal) until the system is foolproof."

The online form asks for the person's basic information, including name, birth date, sex and Social Security number. Other required reporting fields are: where the person was last seen, the clinician's treatment relationship with the person and, says the State Office of Mental Health, the "reason you believe the person is likely to engage in conduct that would result in serious harm to self or others (including any specific threats, behaviors or actions)."

Should it be determined that a person's guns should be taken away, the state told the Press-Republican in an email, "no police agency will act to seize firearms without the authorization of a court."

The filing of a report may influence whether the person will be eligible for another license in the five years that follow, the Office of Mental Health says.

For more information, go to and click on NY SAFE Act.


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