June 24, 2014

Gratitude is the memory of the heart

It is a day shy of a week when Plattsburgh Go Red BetterU’s “Big Reveal” was held at the Cumberland 12 Cinemas.

It was a lovely evening to celebrate the 15 of us who participated in the American Heart Association’s Fitness Challenge, under the direction of Eclipse Fitness & Spa professional trainer Michelle Mosher and Keri Mack of the American Heart Association.

We were chauffeured in three “Big Freakin’ Trucks” to the event by Parker Chevrolet. I rode shotgun with Rolla Parker, whose amenities included a box of Tic-Tacs.

When we arrived at Cumberland 12, it was a seemingly long and somewhat anxious wait before we each entered the cinema.

One by one, we passed through the blue door as Michelle read our testimonials and we walked the red carpet before supportive families, friends and sponsors.

When it was my turn to walk out, I thought about what it took for each us to achieve our individual levels of success and how supportive we were of each other.

It may have been only, “Have a good workout,” as we passed each other inside Eclipse. Or the invitations to work out together. Or the frequent inspiration and funny postings on our Facebook page.

Before the Big Reveal and after, much love was spread around.

Cindy Phillips Thayer gave us each a glass mug etched with “BetterU … For a Better Me…2014.”

Ellen Bouchard passed out bracelets with charms. I received a butterfly, which imbues energy and renewal.

The best gift is what we gave to ourselves and, well, Michelle. Her gifts included a clear acrylic box marked with her take-no-prisoners homilies, many of which are not family friendly or politically correct but are 150 percent effective. We each wrote a personal note to Michelle on a tag or card stamped: “To be Continued,” and that is the sanctified truth.

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