June 12, 2014

West Chazy woman grateful to Relay for Life

PLATTSBURGH — Lori Kashorek believes she is alive today, in part, due to the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. 

The organization raises money for cancer research via several fundraising events, including the annual Plattsburgh Relay for Life at the Clinton County Fairgrounds, set for this Friday. 

Without such research, Lori knows she may not have had access to the latest medication that was used to treat her Stage 3 lung cancer.  

Though she has never smoked, the West Chazy resident was diagnosed with the disease in March 2012 and underwent surgery and chemotherapy soon after. 

Lori recently received test results indicating that her cancer has not returned. 


"All I can think is all this money that’s being raised by all these different Relay for Life events may be part of why I’m alive," she said.

"So if we can contribute to that so that somebody else can have whatever new treatment is going to help him or her be alive, then it’s worth the effort." 

Lori and her husband, the Rev. Doug Kashorek, pastor of the Church of Christ in Plattsburgh, will speak at the Plattsburgh Relay event about their family's experiences with cancer. 

“In some ways, I feel like it was a lot more of an ordeal for Doug than it was for me because my job was just (to) take the medicine (and) recover… and his job was to keep everything going while I was incapacitated," she said. 

For months, Doug juggled caring for his wife and their teenage children with tending to his full-time ministry and his duties as an adjunct faculty member at Clinton Community College. 

“In some ways, as a caregiver, you have to push aside any anxiety, feelings of loneliness, feelings that you're overwhelmed, and you get into the mode of 'the job has to be done,'” he said. 

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