June 10, 2014

New tradition born at CVPH

PLATTSBURGH — When a child is born at CVPH Medical Center, the entire building fills with music in celebration of the joyous occasion.

The hospital recently implemented a system that allows parents to announce the arrival of new babies with the sound of a chiming lullaby for all in the facility to hear.

“The chime only runs three seconds, but it’s really three seconds of joy and feeling good,” said Maria Hayes, director of the Alice T. Miner Center for Women and Children at CVPH.


After giving birth in the hospital, mothers are brought to a post-partum area, where a big, red button now awaits their touch.

“They just stop and push the button at that time, and they wait to listen,” Hayes said. “It’s really nice.”

Every birth announcement features the same chime, which is in the tune of “Brahms’ Lullaby,” also commonly known as “Lullaby and Goodnight.”

“There’s quite a few chimes that we could’ve used, but we wanted something soft and sweet,” Hayes said.

“Brahms’ Lullaby,” she added, is also easily recognizable and often associated with babies.


“The feedback that we’ve gotten from all over the hospital has been so positive,” Hayes said.

In fact, she has received calls and emails from people who say hearing the musical announcements actually brightened their day.

For example, one individual, who had been at the hospital to tend to a relative’s final moments, told Hayes the sound of the chime brought a moment of solace to an otherwise somber occasion.

“So sometimes even in the worst circumstances, something like that can just make you feel good for a few seconds, and that’s what it’s all about,” Hayes said. “It’s to help the parents announce the birth of their child, (which is) very important, and for the rest of us to share.”

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