November 9, 2013

Tracking blood through the historical record

PLATTSBURGH — “Tracing Your Ancestry” with workshops offered Tuesday and Wednesday at SUNY Plattsburgh, will jump start any quest for the ones who came before.

As well, a Sharing Session is set for Wednesay, Nov. 20.

Workshop presenters are Carolina De la Rosa, a graduate intern in the college’s Global Education Office, and Mike Burgess, Special Collections associate.

“It’s in light of International Education Week, which the Global Education Office is coordinating and mainly sponsoring,” De la Rosa said. 

“We’re collaborating with Special Collections and the Feinberg Library because our initial thought was we wanted to engage parts of the campus community that would not normally be interested in international things or identify themselves with international things perhaps because they haven’t traveled abroad or (don’t) speak another language or are not an international student. 

“We thought the U.S. is a country that’s got such a rich, immigrant history, it would be a great way to engage those other students through a workshop and sharing session that would allow them to explore their ancestry and their background and that international part that may still be there.”


Special Collections is a repository of local family histories.

“We’ve got cemetery records here, church records here,” Burgess said. “We have some photographs of some local people, census material, general local histories, county, town, village histories, that type of thing.”

The workshop’s main target audience is students.

“But the community is invited to attend as well,” De la Rosa said.

The workshop is a basic how-to to genealogical research.

“I’ve set up a Lib Guide,” Burgess said. “Basically, I can put it on the screen, and I can go through and show them different steps of how to get started and what to look for, other areas where information may be available. 

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