December 1, 2012

Head lice: common but combatable


“Halfway through, you get a parent that thinks the issue is over, and they (the children) come back,” Gay said.


Chateaugay Central School calls their head checks “mess up your hair day” to make it more fun for the kids, said school nurse Lorraine Kourofsky.

“They laugh and go back to class,” she said.

Some of the pre-K and kindergarten students don’t quite understand it, so Kourofsky goes into the classrooms to screen them. She calls the older students in grades 1 to 6 down by teacher, checking four to six children at a time.

The process takes about a week to complete with the 547 students at CCS, but she generally only screens preschoolers and grades K-6. If a younger sibling tests positive, she also checks other siblings.

Nits usually like tight, curly hair, as opposed to boys with short haircuts, Kourofsky said.

“Parents have to diligent, and they have to check their kids often.”



 Here are some recommendations from area nurses: 

  • Don't share hats or combs.
  • Take your own pillow and bedding to sleepovers. 

    Don't share stuffed animals 

    If found, treat lice right away using lice-killing shampoo and combs. Vacuum and thoroughly clean all bedding, clothes, toys and anywhere that a hair follicle could be found. Visit for more information and helpful tips.


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