November 30, 2013

Mad about science

PLATTSBURGH — Logan Rodriguez, 7, learns the compound structure of hydrogen peroxide while practicing mad-scientist cackles at Fun with Science on Fridays at the Imaginarium Children’s Museum in Plattsburgh.

On Black Friday, things were explosive in the Science Lab with Tara Twomey-Mulvey's curiously deranged side, the “Mad Scientist.”

She taught apprentices such as Rodriquez how to make dinosaur toothpaste with dish-washing liquid and yeast, and lava lamps with oil and water and a touch of food coloring.

This Friday was only the second in the series.

“From now on, we have Science Fridays. We’re going to be doing every Friday, some kind of science experience. It may not be an experiment. We may be researching or doing some kind of science exploration. There will actually always be some kind of experiment because they’re just plain fun.”

Last Friday, the Mad Scientist and her apprentices started a project discovering what lives in Lake Champlain.

“Some of our children that come here have started looking into that,” she said. 

The apprentices are studying the lake and creating images to adorn the “aquarium” below the front desk.

“This is Champ,” Twomey-Mulvey said. “We got Champ and our trout and our bass and we’re going to add it as we go. That will be an ongoing Friday project.”

The Mad Scientist also taught her apprentices how to blow up balloons with a concoction of lemon juice and baking soda.

“We did lots of stirring with food coloring because that’s what we wanted to do,” she said. “Our mission is to have the children be involved as much as possible in the science process both exploring and what you think is going to happen.” 

Rodriguez's mother, Allison, was in the next room with her younger son, Garrison.

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