April 19, 2014

Hassett Adult Day Services big on fun

PLATTSBURGH — In the past month, employees dressed like clowns, clients danced and miniature donkeys roamed the floors at Hassett Adult Day Services.

On March 26, Hassett members and their loved ones enjoyed a circus day with a carnival alley full of games, miniature donkeys, popcorn, hotdogs, a sack race and more.

“Each month we have a themed event for our members,” said Yvonne Inman, licensed practical nurse and director of the Hassett Adult Day Services at Evergreen Valley Nursing Home.

The mission for the Adult Day Service is to give their clients more time to stay at home with their families before placement becomes the only option. For adults who live with working family members, the day service is a place to be taken care of until that loved one is off from work.

The circus-themed event didn’t get in the way of medical services. The participants who were scheduled for appointments went to them and those who needed to take their medication were assisted.

“Some members couldn’t take part in the sack race but they were able to choose a staff member to take their place,” Inman said. 

The Hassett Adult Day Services has activities that accommodate clients with different conditions. There are busy boards available to dementia and Alzheimer’s patients in the hopes of triggering a memory, according to Inman.

This week, there was an Easter party with a DJ, during which clients socialized, ate some food and moved ligaments that were once difficult to move.

“Larry Garrow is a registrant who can barely walk, but when he heard a song, he got up and started dancing,” Inman said.

The benefits of the day service program don’t stop at monthly events. The nurses of the department assist clients with baths and grooming. Inman makes the hair appointments for the clients as well, whether it’s a trim or a hair wash.

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