February 22, 2014

Share and share alike

Local author trades stories with children, parents

PLATTSBURGH — Under One Roof hosted author Gordie Little on Thursday afternoon but it was a two-way story fest with tales going both ways.

Little, a well-known radio personality and P-R columnist, read “Little Champy Goes to School” before telling stories and asking audience members to share theirs.

He is also the author of the self-published “Sparkles & Shiner,” about twins who grew up in Morrisonville, and “Ghosts of Clinton County,” published by North Country Books.


“Every day people send me new stories,” Little said. “I wrote three brand new ones just this morning. Would you like to hear one? That’s why you came, anyway. You don’t care about Champy or Sparkles or Shiner? Who here wishes they could be in a time machine? Where would you go?”

“I would go to the dinosaur times,” said Jaiden Scully, 9, of Plattsburgh.

“Prehistoric monsters like Little Champy?” Little said. “What’s your favorite dinosaur?”

“T-Rex,” Scully said.

“You know why they call it prehistoric?” Little said. “Because there weren’t very many people around to write it down, right? But it is a good time. I don’t know any boy your age that doesn’t love to learn about dinosaurs. Where would you go? What time? Don’t say last Tuesday, either. Time machine? Where would you go?”


“I would go back to the 1920s,” said Savanah Hart, 15, of Plattsburgh.

“1920s, the flapper era,” Little said. “You know, I may go with you, too, because that’s one of my favorite times in history. I loved the way people dressed. I loved learning about prohibition. Do you know what that was?”

“Yep,” Hart said.

“It was a big story here on the Canadian border,” Little said. “And besides, it produced some of the best music ever produced. That’s when jazz was born. A guy by the name of Louis “Satchel Mouth” Armstrong started his wonderful career in the 1920s.”

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