May 17, 2013

Unlocking the mysteries of God's word

By ROBIN CAUDELL Press-Republican

---- — PLATTSBURGH — How to get prayers answered is the subject of the Rev. Tony Kemp’s workshops today through Monday at First Assembly of God in Plattsburgh.

“We will share the knowledge, the wisdom that is needed and the understanding that is needed so people can receive from God,” said Kemp, who will be accompanied by his wife, Deborah, of Tony Kemp Ministries based in Quincy, Ill.

“It takes both faith and revelation to get results,” said Kemp, who sees people receive physical, mental and emotional healing on a regular basis at his meetings. “There is really a difference between knowing what the word of God says versus how to access heaven’s resources. God does really want to answer our prayers. He really does meet our needs. We need to know how to take the promises of God and turn them into a visible reality.”

There’s much more to it than “ask and you shall receive.”

“If that was all there was to it, people (would) get more answers to prayer. For lack of a better term, there are ‘wisdom keys’ that call a person to be able to take the promises of God and own them, as it were, so that things happen in their lives. While that is a mystery to some, once a person knows the steps to getting prayers answered, things will come,” he said.

The Kemps stir curiosity in people concerning the three steps to answered prayer: first, the revelation of God’s word, then a proper response to God’s word, and then a person receives the promised results.

“An example of that will be: a man comes to me who is diagnosed with cancer. He is angry at God because he believes God put the cancer on him. One of his spiritual and mental problems is anger. Once I convince him to not be angry with God and resolve his other anger issues, he prays. When he goes back to the doctor, they cannot find any trace of cancer,” Kemp said. 

“There are spiritual and emotional roots to some diseases that once you resolve those issues — in some cases, not all cases — those diseases disappear.”

Some people hold a belief that going to a doctor demonstrates a lack of faith. Some others believe not seeking a physician demonstrates faith.

“Neither of them is faith,” Kemp said. “You have people in reality, people who don’t know what biblical faith is. There is a difference between human faith and biblical faith. When a person has human faith, they may pray and mistake that for biblical faith, but they will not get answers in prayer. But genuine biblical faith, genuine faith, gets genuine answers.”

Many people say they have all the faith in the world.

“Whenever I hear a person say that, I know they don’t understand faith. I know what they mean: ‘I believe in God, and I believe the Bible is true.’ That’s what they mean. Believing in God and believing the Bible is true will not get you to what you’re praying for. When the word of God has spoken to your heart, and God has given you specific directions, you have genuine faith that causes your prayers to be answered,” he said.

One person can have all the faith in the world and die.

“And another person trusts in God, and the cancer goes into remission and they can no longer find the disease. Both said they have faith, but genuine biblical faith gets the promised results,” Kemp said.

“We’re doing this workshop to help people identify the difference between genuine faith and that which appears to be and which is not. We’re going to show people how genuine faith actually works.”

A friend of his was diagnosed with throat cancer.

“He has genuine faith in God, but he also takes chemo. But after one-third of the prescribed chemo treatments, the cancer is gone. So, in other words, he gets medical treatment, but he puts faith with the medical treatment,” Kemp said.

Another man diagnosed with cancer takes chemo treatments for three weeks.

“They check him. The cancer is gone, and that is an impossibility,” he said. “Faith greatly increases the chances for healing in what is considered to be impossible cases.”

There are instances where no medical treatment is needed.

“The person just believes, and the disease goes away with no medial treatment,” Kemp said. “I always ask people, ‘What did the doctor say?’ And (I) encourage the person to return to the doctor to verify if they have received supernatural help or healing. Let the doctor verify it. I have many cases where it has been verified.”

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IF YOU GO WHO: The Rev. Tony and Deborah Kemp of Tony Kemp Ministries. WHEN: 6 p.m. today; 10 a.m. (men with the Rev. Kemp, and women with Mrs. Kemp and Lisa Smola) and 2 p.m. Saturday; 10:30 a.m. and 6 pm. Sunday; and 6 p.m. Monday. WHERE: First Assembly of God, 164 Prospect Ave., Plattsburgh. CONTACT: For questions, call the church at 563-5799. Learn more about Tony Kemp Ministries at