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September 28, 2012

Students gather at area schools for prayer rally


Praying as a community is meaningful, he said, and Stitt agrees.

“I thought it was really cool that we could all get together and pray for our country and our school and everything. It’s really good that we have the freedom to gather in prayer, so we prayed for other countries that (can’t),” she said.

“It’s showing that we love God and pray to him even in a school setting, and sometimes that’s hard, and we can kind of show his love to other people, too.”

Stitt said they prayed for the strength to talk to others about God in school. 

“We just want to be able to … be expressive about what we believe and stuff,” Hebert said. “Our main focus, I think, was just to be able to pray so that we can reach out to more people this year and in the coming years.” 

Hebert attends two youth groups: one at First Assembly of God and one at the Church of the Nazarene in Plattsburgh. 

“At both youth groups, we’re talking about how to preach the gospel to other people, and we were talking about that at the pole so that we’ll be able to preach it,” he said.


For Rock, Hebert and Stitt, See You at the Pole is a welcome conversation starter. 

“In school, some people were asking about what it was, and they were saying that they were Christians, too,” Stitt said.

Rock said she knows there are a lot of students who don’t believe in God.

“They might think about it once they see this, and I really hope a lot of kids will think about it (having a relationship with God) and it will change a lot of lives.”

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