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September 28, 2012

Students gather at area schools for prayer rally


“You know, we live in a world where everything can be kind of sad. In schools, there’s bullying; there’s things that are going on. There’s hard tests; there’s everything. You’re not alone. You’ve got other people to talk with ... so just keep that in mind.”


Wednesday was the second See You at the Pole rally for Sam Rock, a ninth-grader. 

“It means that we can all come together and see that we’re not alone in school, and we can all pray together as one,” Rock said. 

See You at the Pole has helped her realize that she’s not the only Christian at her school. 

“Before I came to this, last year, I just didn’t see many people who believe in God. Now, I can look around and see so many familiar faces, and it makes me feel really good that there’s other people that think the same thing and come, and we all praise God,” she said.

Rock, along with her brother, first-grader David Parks, who was also at the gathering, helped hang up posters announcing the event around the school. 

“I just think it’s a really cool thing that schools across the nation can do this,” Rock said.


At Beekmantown Central School, four students, all from the same church youth group, gathered at the High School flagpole for the occasion. 

Nick Hebert and Anna Stitt, 10th-graders at the school, took the lead in organizing the event at Beekmantown. Last year, Hebert put up posters; this year, he used Facebook to promote.

“We were praying that it will grow,” Hebert said. 

For about 15 minutes before the start of classes, the students prayed “for our school with the cuts; for the nations; for the kids that don’t believe (in God), that they’ll soon find Christ; for our academics; and just special things that we wanted to pray for ourselves about,” Hebert said.

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