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May 31, 2013

Keeseville church focuses on community

PLATTSBURGH — A brick building that was once a general store in Keeseville has transformed into a place of worship and community gathering place.

The Bridge Keeseville, Rick and Kathy Santor’s first pastorate, serves as a link between God and man, Kathy said.

Seven years ago, the Santors were ready to move south to be closer to their five children and their grandchildren when the prior pastors at The Bridge Keeseville asked them to step in.

“I never would have seen myself here, and I couldn’t be happier to be here,” Kathy said. “It’s an amazing thing to see people’s lives change.”


The Santors grew up in Keeseville, but the couple left the area when the U.S. Navy moved Rick elsewhere.

Rick and Kathy both attended Florida Baptist College.

Rick, a retired naval officer, received his bachelor’s degree in business from Eastern Connecticut State University, and Kathy earned a bachelor’s in psychology from Liberty University.

Today, both are ordained, and Rick is studying at the Liberty University Seminary.

“There’s a big difference between leading people in the Navy and leading people as a pastor,” he said.


The large church, which was once a general store, has been refinished room by room, though some spaces haven’t been renovated yet.

Members of the church include carpenters and electricians, so all the improvements done thus far to the building have been completed in-house, Rick said.

The church has a large common area, a commercial kitchen, playrooms for children and a meditation room, in addition to the area of worship.

Rick hopes to use some of the space in the church to offer tutoring and other services to the youth in the area. He would also like to get them involved in the community. But, he said, they don’t have the facilities yet.

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