December 21, 2012

Misinformation surrounds doomsday predictions


---- — PLATTSBURGH — Welcome to the transitory time between the Fourth Sun and the Fifth Sun as mathematically calculated by ancient Mayan astronomer-priests.

If you’re reading this, it negates the doomsday misinformation about the Mayan Tzolkin, or Long Count, a sacred calendar of which the 13th b’ak’tun (a b’ak’tun equals 144,000 days) ends today, or the next couple of days, depending on the source.

The Long Count began 26,000 years ago and is based on the cycles of the Pleiades, Seven Sisters, a star cluster.

Plattsburgh residents Don and Vivian Papson celebrate the celestial alignment of the Cosmic Cross and the 13th b’ak’tun, which marks a full cycle of creation. 

The Mayans’ time measures are: one day equals “k’in,” month (20 days) equals “uinal,” year (360 days) equals “tun,” 20 tuns equals “k’atun,” and 20 k’atuns is a “b’ak’tun.”


“We’re acknowledging the renewal of light and life through the cosmic events that are happening right at this time,” Mrs. Papson said. “It takes more than 5,000 years for the sun to make its complete revolution around the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. Every time it comes back to that center, it’s recharged and has its vibration enhanced. It’s ready to bestow all of those riches on us here on Earth.”

Today is the last day of the last k’atun of the cycle.

“It’s a moment to celebrate the renewal of life that happens every solstice anyway. What makes it special this time is because the universe itself is renewed. It’s not just a question of what is happening here on Earth. In this instance, the sun itself is being renewed. So, the notion that something is coming to an end is totally wrong because the real nature of time is cyclical. It goes in cycles. It’s simply a new cycle.”


In Mesoamerica, the ancients knew of this phenomenon through star observation and mathematical calculations.

“Their calendar is a little bit different than ours because it takes account of these long cycles. The Mayans have other calendars. They have a calendar for the moon and for each of the planets. They are thinking about time as cyclical, so certain things repeat themselves, which is different from our way of looking at time, which is over. We have the past, present and future. It doesn’t occur to us that what happened in the past is going to happen again in the future,” Mrs. Papson said.

Our numerical equivalent to the Mayan glyphs for today is On Saturday, the k’in (fifth place) changes like a car’s odometer and will read

“The Mayans never thought of the beginning or ending of anything except a cycle, which immediately begins again. They don’t imagine time coming to an end anymore than when Sunday night ends and Monday morning starts. But Hollywood finds people are interested in frightening things. It’s thrilling to be afraid. This has been played up as if the Mayans really said that, but they didn’t say it.”


Mrs. Papson said the Maya arrived at their calendars through scientific calculations.

“It’s not a prophecy. It didn’t come from someone having a vision. They actually measured the movement of the stars and planets, and they came to this understanding, so they were great scientists,” she said.

The Papsons are in Guatemala visiting sites such as Tikal, which were considered sacred during the flowering of the Mayan civilization. They are members of the Solar Order of Chichen Itzab, a universal-philosophical order that initiates actions for world unity.


Each world is aligned with an element — water, air, earth and fire. Materialism marked the Fourth World. The Fifth World, which is said to start soon, is a time of transformation through the celestial element ether, or spiritual energy, Mrs. Papson said.

“If people want to meditate on this moment and think about the impact of new energy on this tired, old world, this is a very positive thing to do.” 

A long-burning candle can be lit during the celestial alignment. This evening, the candle should be extinguished. At dawn on Saturday, it can be relit or a new candle started.

“To represent this new cycle that has begun that will bring more energy into our cosmos and to our Earth,” Mrs. Papson said. “We look forward to it as an evolutionary growth in human awareness. 

“We hope this new energy will wake us up to know we are all one humanity on planet Earth. We hope that energy will help us to be more alert, wiser, more loving … and have less darkness in our minds and in our hearts.”

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