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August 12, 2012

New rectory, religious center ready to go

Christian Formation Center named after Brother Andre

MORRISONVILLE — With the completion of the new rectory and religious education center at the Roman Catholic Community of St. Joseph’s and St. Alexander’s, the Rev. Scott Seymour is literally breathing easier.

“Thanks be to God,” Seymour said during a recent tour of the new digs on the campus of St. Alexander’s in Morrisonville.

The new building, known as the St. Brother Andre Christian Formation Center, was constructed into the side of a knoll overlooking St. Alexander’s Church on grounds that used to house the old rectory. It features a 3,800-square-foot ground floor for religious education and a 3,800-square-foot second floor for the rectory.

The $440,000 facility was built over the past year by Morrisonville Construction Co., Luck Brothers Inc. and Duquette Remodeling.

“We’ve been very fortunate to have so much help with this, and everyone really helped out, and we got a great deal on this building,” Seymour said.

The parish decided to build a new home after taking a long look at the future of the Catholic Church in the area. Seymour explained that as more and more parishes consolidate, the thought was to have one central location.

“Morrisonville is kind of in the middle of the county, and we thought this would be a good place for deanery meetings and other functions that people could attend,” he said.

The condition of the old rectory on the grounds of St. Joseph’s in Treadwells Mills also hastened the decision to build a new home.

The old rectory had heating, electrical, plumbing and structural issues. It was estimated that to get the building in proper shape, it would have cost between $150,000 and $200,000.

“That’s about the cost of a new home, so we figured why not build a new building instead of investing all that money into the old building where it would be hard to recoup,” Seymour said.

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