April 2, 2014

Elevator fundraising up and running

MOOERS — Watson Memorial Senior Housing officials are hoping a key upgrade can help with the ups and downs of life for residents of the Mooers building.

It’s been three years since the structure’s elevator was operational, and a committee is hopeful that fundraising efforts can push the right buttons.

“We don’t have a lot of money; the need is pretty great,” Watson Senior Housing Executive Board member Edie Morelock said. “If we could just get a little bit of help.”


The building consists of 11 apartments, with three on the second floor and three on the third floor.

“The groceries are a pain,” said Pat Pepin, Elevator Fund Committee member and third-floor resident.

“The old (elevator) had a door to the back parking lot, which made it easier with the groceries. Now they have to carry them all the way up the stairs. It’s harder on them to get their things up there.”

Pepin, 73, is hoping a new elevator can provide a lift to more than just the residents themselves. Sometimes the effort required to scale the stairs limits social activity among them.

“They don’t come upstairs that often; it’s hard for them,” Pepin said of friends on the lower floors.

“We have two that are 92 years old and one lady down in the lower level that’s 87 or 88, and she has to climb those stairs to get the paper in the morning.”


The group estimates the total for repairs to the building’s 25-year-old elevator could reach more than $50,000.

“To fix it is a small fortune,” Morelock said.

“They don’t make that type of elevator anymore,” Elevator Fund Committee member Steve Bulriss explained. “It’s hard to get some of the parts we need.”


“The first thing we’ve done is put signs around town and send letters to see if local businesses might be interested in donating what they can,” Morelock said.

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