July 11, 2012

Program seeks to recruit Wii bowlers

Seniors urged to join national competition

By ROBIN CAUDELL, Press-Republican

---- — PLATTSBURGH — Marcella White is looking for more than a few Wii senior bowlers to compete against the best of the best in the National Senior Wii Bowl Championship.

“We are hoping to do this at several of the sites ... where we already have Wii bowling,” said White, congregate meals director of the Clinton County Nutrition Program for the Elderly. “We’re hoping to have a local Wii bowling tournament every week. I’m asking seniors around Clinton County to sign up for 10 weeks of competition starting Aug. 6, and that includes seven weeks of competition and playoffs as well.”

In the National Senior League’s Spring Championship, 950 seniors on 160 teams competed from 26 states.

Seniors can register with their site manager at any of the eight congregate meal sites in the county.

“The way it works, we become a community,” White said. “We can have as many teams in our community as we want. I hope once we get the teams together, we can get community sponsors for bowling shirts or hats, something to make it special.”

Besides building team spirit and community pride, the seniors can see how they rank in the nation when their wins are posted online each Friday morning.

“Last week, the seniors at Lakeview Towers came to Beekman Towers to have a fun bowl. They get each other’s results every week. The results go around to all the sites. This is the second time they’ve gotten together live to bowl. We would really love as a community to participate in this National Senior Wii Bowl Championship,” she said.

White sends a shout out to the Eastern Adirondack Healthcare Network for a grant that secured three 32-inch flat screens, DVD players and Wii units to three sites that didn’t have the technology.

“Now, we can compete all over Clinton County,” White said. “The Wii games are very good for activity as well as camaraderie. It’s a fabulous thing. You can stand up and use your walker. You can sit down. You don’t have to be able to run down the lanes. It’s ideal for senior citizens. It is good exercise.”