September 17, 2013

Wellness Center offers many rehab opportunities



Specific areas in the Steps Program include transitional care to help people become and stay more active in their lifestyles; pulmonary fitness to transition those from pulmonary rehab to an independent exercise routine; and weight management to focus on the best method for shredding pounds.

Other areas focus on orthopedic fitness, prehab fitness (for upcoming surgical procedures), cardiac fitness, diabetes fitness and cancer fitness.

Sandra Baker completed a pulmonary-rehab program at CVPH Medical Center earlier this year and transitioned into the Wellness Center’s Next Step program, where she has enjoyed tremendous success.

“I love it,” she said of her daily workouts at PARC. “I’m always going to have breathing problems, but it’s helped me deal with those problems. 

“I’m more physically active, and I’ve been able to maintain my quality of life.”


Baker has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lost part of a lung in 2000 when she was battling cancer. But the combined efforts of the CVPH Pulmonary Rehab Program and Next Step, she has learned to live life to its fullest without fear of not being able to take another breath.

Marge Benschskey, who is enrolled in the center’s orthopedic rehab program, also benefits from her routine workouts.

“I’ve seen much improvement in my leg,” she said of her recovery from a knee replacement last April. “My joints feel like they’re almost back to normal, and I am able to go upstairs and downstairs at home.”

Routine workouts have also helped her emotionally. A good friend died recently, and exercise has helped improve Benschskey’s outlook on life.

“I am very much improved spiritually and mentally,” she said. “I’m a stronger, better person.”

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Find out about the Next Step Program at the Wellness Center at PARC by calling 324-2024. Ask for the medical-integration coordinator or the fitness manager.

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