June 8, 2013

Teach dog manners around the office


I want to help out at a local dog shelter near my house, but I was wondering if any of my three dogs would be upset by my coming home smelling like “another dog.” I have a 5-year-old Jack Russell and two rat terrier Chihuahua-mixes, 4 and 3 years old. What do you think? —Jeff

A: Lipstick on your collar will tell no tale on you. Neither will the smells of other dogs. Congratulations for volunteering at a shelter, which is a fine activity on the side of the angels.

Your own pack is bound to be more intrigued than angry. They will inhale the shelter bouquet and think, “Gee, Jeff’s been somewhere very exciting.” Your dogs will be titillated by your new smells; they won’t be upset or jealous. The latter emotion plagues humans, not dogs.

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