January 12, 2013

Local robotics team wins regional competition


Their success at Clarkson has translated into a trip to St. Louis in April for the World Festival.

“I really like it,” said robotics team member Ben Caito, 12, from Jay. “It’s a good goal for us to plan on doing well for our next competition.”

Caito said he is interested in robotics because of the opportunity it provides in working with motors and computer programming. He said he would like to learn how to write computer programs that robots can use.

“I’ve always been interested in building things,” said teammate Vienna Ainsworth, 14, from Plattsburgh. “Lego League offers us specific challenges that we can set goals to reach. It’s a lot of fun.”

She also said the camaraderie between the team members has grown even stronger since they began focusing on robotics competition. She has known her teammates through 4-H for several years, she said.

“I like programming robots to make them do exactly what I’ve programmed them to do,” said Liam Sayward, 12, from Peru. “Sometimes in competition, a robot will malfunction. I like working on ways so they won’t malfunction.”

Other members of the team are Christopher Neureuther, 10; Trent Yourdon, 10; Bradley Neureuther, 12; and Sullivan Kyle, 14.

The entry fee for the St. Louis competition is $1,000, so the team has begun working on fundraising activities to help pay for the trip west. Anyone interested in helping can call the Cornell Cooperative Extension at 561-7450.

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