December 17, 2012

See how the cookie crumbles


“It has my three favorite candy bars — Butterfinger, Milky Way and Kit Kat,” said Hamilton, who lives in Beekmantown.

She was told about the contest by her mother, Erin Vinicola.

“I was thinking, and it came to me,” Hamilton said. “They said I won. I was so excited when I got that phone call. I love to cook.”

She and her mother first whipped up a batch of plain cookies without the candies.

“We put the candies in, and the name came to me, Triple Dog Dare,” Hamilton said. “I was thinking about something at school, playing Truth or Dare and thinking about my dog, Bella.”

Mandeville hopes to receive more entries next year.

“This is the first year we did it,” she said. “Hopefully, we can partner with the Imaginarium Children’s Museum and do a cooking class. There’s a cooking space upstairs in the (North Country) Co-op’s community kitchen. I hope in the future to have a cooking class there to expand this contest.”

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Check out photographer Rob Fountain's video with the two Holiday Cookie contestants with this article.

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