May 21, 2013

Wine-tasting event supports Relay for Life

MORRISONVILLE — Richard Lamoy took a chance when he first decided to open a winery on Soper Street in Morrisonville eight years ago.

Lamoy’s family had been in agriculture his entire life, and he has used that experience to create a successful business with a top-notch vineyard and retail shop.

But the North Country native faces his biggest challenge to date: He was diagnosed last year with follicular lymphoma, a cancer of the blood and lymphatic system.

“I wasn’t feeling good all summer,” Lamoy said of the precursor to a trip to the doctor’s office for a case of kidney stones. “Dr. (John) Banko told me he saw something that didn’t look quite right (while treating the kidney stones) and referred me to a cancer doctor. Two days later, I found out about the cancer.”

Follicular lymphoma, a fairly common form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, is a slow-growing cancer, but Lamoy’s illness had reached Stage 3, and doctors wanted to begin regular chemotherapy treatments.

“With these new drugs, there are fewer side effects,” Lamoy said. “Today, I’m feeling a little ill (following a treatment two weeks ago), but I’ve been able to keep working throughout treatments.”

Lamoy will be hosting a wine and cheese fundraiser at his business, Hid-In-Pines Vineyard on Soper Street in Morrisonville, on Saturday, June 1. Ironically, Soper hosted the same event last year, well before he became so personally involved in cancer diagnoses and treatments.

“I met Richard while going to the Plattsburgh Farmers Market,” said Anne Lautenschuetz, a 17-year cancer survivor and member of the Treasure Chests Breast Cancer Support Group. “A lot of women in the support group thought it would be a great idea to support his business while raising money to support our Relay for Life team.”

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