October 3, 2012

Plattsburgh octogenarian a master builder


The perky stagecoach will have a longer lifespan than his boyhood model airplanes.

“I didn’t have too much luck with them. I took it out to fly one day, and it was too much wind. I crashed it into a telephone pole. It hit the pole. It was smoking on the way down,” he said.

When Hackel was drafted during the Korean War, U.S. Army tests revealed his mechanical aptitude.

“I was sent to Wheel Vehicle School. They sent me to Tank School at Fort Sill, Okla. We did a brake job a day,” he said.

The young corporal served with the Allied Occupation Forces in Germany. He spent six months in Nuremberg and six months in Munich.

“On Oktoberfest, I got drunk as a skunk,” Hackel said. “I visited my stepfather’s people in Solingen.”

Hackel is a humble man with amazing skills and is his daughter’s pride and joy.

“I wish I could win the lottery and buy him whatever he wanted,” Cindy said. “He was the best father, the best husband. There is no one greater in this world than my dad ... No man could ever do what he has done.” 

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