June 7, 2014

Mr. Stan the Story Man rides again

PERU — Tiny people meowed, woofed and neighed with Stan Ransom, “Mr. Stan the Story Man,” as he sang and spun stories at the Peru Free Library.

Ransom tapped his repertoire of age-appropriate stories from his volumes of storyteller’s tales.

The children shrieked with delight at the fur-flying escapades of millions, billions and trillions of cats.


The Clinton-Essex-Franklin Library System was awarded a decentralization grant for the programming from the Strand Center for the Arts. Ransom will visit 12 Head Start programs and 10 public libraries in Clinton County.

“Stan Ransom, the Connecticut Peddler, is now doing stories and songs for young people,” Ransom said.

“I’m about halfway through. Right now, I’m starting now on the public libraries. Everywhere I go, the kids really love to join in all the stories they get to participate in. They particularly like ‘The Belly-Button Monster.’”

Ransom tells some originals but “The Belly-Button Monster” and “I’m Not So Scared” are from classic storytelling books.

“Sometimes when you go and visit your grandmother or your grandfather or some of your other cousins and so on, you’ll have an experience like this little boy,” said Ransom in the “I’m Not So Scared” intro.

“This little boy went to visit his grandmother by himself, and she said, ‘you know you have to go up the stairs and into the bedroom and there’s a really big bed there.’”

“I have a large collection of those,” Ransom said. “The songs, of course, the songs that are mine are ‘You Have to Make Your Own Sunshine,’ which is popular with kids on a rainy day, and also the ‘Champ’ song.”

Ransom shared a series of cloud photographs and asked the children what they saw: an airplane, waves and a horse.

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