July 1, 2013

Disney collectibles hold value

Decades of affection for Mickey and the gang spur collections



The Golden Age of Animation for Disney Studios had begun.

“Snow White” was followed by “Pinocchio” and “Fantasia” in 1940, “Dumbo” in 1941 and “Bambi” in 1942. Animation ceased during World War II.

Then came “Cinderella” in 1950, “Alice in Wonderland” in 1951 and “Peter Pan” in 1953.

The studio carried on the cartoon series using the Sensational Six: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto.


The Mickey Mouse Club actually formed in early 1930, with 60 theaters hosting club gatherings.

By 1932, the club was 1 million members strong and had spread abroad. Things changed, however, with the advent of television.

In 1955, ABC brought the “Mickey Mouse Club,” along with a cast of talented Mousketeers, into American homes. Soon, kids were wearing felt caps with mouse ears and singing along with the show’s opening and closing theme songs. The same week that premiered, the Sunday evening Disneyland Show was aired, with Tinkerbell as the opening mascot.


1955 was a big year for Disney, not just in television but on a larger scale with the opening of the Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, Calif.

A side note of interest is that in the early 1950s, Disney traveled to the Adirondack Mountains to call upon an old friend and former employee, Arto Monaco of Upper Jay.

The purpose of the trip was to visit Santa’s Workshop, the nation’s first theme park, which Monaco had designed in the late 1940s.

Santa’s Workshop was a model worth emulating, and Disney used it as inspiration for Disneyland.

Julie Robinson Robards is an antiques journalist and dealer living in Upper Jay. She is the author of two published books on celluloid, an advisor to several antique price guides and a writer for AntiqueWeek Newspaper since 1995. She may be reached through her website

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