December 4, 2013

Christmas shopping not what it used to be

Here we are, 19 days until what kids think is the best day of the year — Christmas. How does it sneak up so fast on us old folks?

There are people who start planning for the next Christmas on Dec. 26. They create beautiful arts and crafts, start wood projects, crochet and knit for next year’s gifts. I am not one of those people.

However, I do buy Christmas presents all year long because we have 18 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. I keep a “treasure” chest where I store these gifts until Christmas. (I have been known to dip into the gifts for a birthday present or two when I forget someone has a birthday.)

It was easy to buy for the grandkids when they were young. The boys wanted baseballs and gloves and the girls wanted dolls. I left the clothes for the parents to buy.

Curious at what is popular today — and being completely out of touch with our teenage grandkids and their likes — I Googled for popular gifts. I was amazed at what is popular. Some of these items I had never heard of before.

Among the top 10 “gotta haves” for kids, according to, (I found it odd that a money-lending company would sponsor this list), are: Tobbles to teach young children dexterity, a personalized story book, a Ninja Turtles Lego set and a Hello Kitty bath set. These make sense.

The “men’s” list was a bit of a challenge for me: “Breaking Bad” Box Set. I know “Breaking Bad” is a show on television but I could not tell you what it is about. Next, the Tarantino Box Set. Who or what is Tarantino? Followed by the Man Candle. These candles smell like pizza, sawdust and grass clippings. I kid you not.

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