October 20, 2008

Atlas missile silo gains industrial elegance


Gauzy white curtains separate beds covered with big, white comforters.

"This one is the only silo that wasn't totally flooded," he said.

It came with its own mess.

The cement center column in living room still bears a stenciled sign warning that a safety latch, once pulled, will release four tons of sand. It was supposed to be used only in "an emergency."

Someone had set the sand flowing, and it solidified in the middle of the room.

Michael estimates it took about two weeks to chip the sand pile apart and remove it.

The public has a chance to tour Boquet 556-6 and a share its history and unique redesign at an open house on Sunday, Oct. 26.

The Lewis silo is located at 87 Hale Hill Road, off Route 9 about five miles north of the village in Lewis. Guided tours will be given from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., with tea and biscuits served on the surface.

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