October 9, 2010

New genealogy organization formed


BOMBAY — The Bombay Historical Society is branching out into genealogy with the formation of the Bombay Genealogical Society.

With a recent surge in genealogy research, the society hopes to be able to expand its mission and provide family lineage to researchers; but research demand is reaching a level that is making it difficult to serve the Historical Society functions.

"Much of our contact from the public has been genealogy information," said Becky Latulipe, president of the society for many years. "I enjoy all the functions of the Historical Society except genealogy and that is becoming 90 percent of what the Historical Society is all about."

The new Genealogical Society will fall under the umbrella of the Historical Society but will function with its own elected officers. It is hoped that younger people will join the effort and carry on into the future.

"Part of our problem is our members are aging and can't do everything they used to do," said Latulipe. "We want people to be aware of the pioneer families and community members that have lived here, but it will take some time and research."

Latulipe said that for a small, rural community in very northern Franklin County, the Town of Bombay has had quite a few famous names connected to it.

"There's Hogan, who Hogansburg was named after where the Lost Dauphin house is located," she pointed out. "Eleazer Williams, who claimed to be the son of Louis XVI of France, lived in that house."

Townspeople who excelled in society include the Shieldses, who owned the town's slipper factory for many years; John Daly, who became a New York City chief police inspector; and Charles Russell and John S. Eldridge, who were elected as members of the state assembly.

Anyone interested in joining the Bombay Genealogy Society can call Latulipe at 358-9994 or Gail Laduke at 358-4649.