October 5, 2012

New pastor ready to serve Mooers UMC


“I was so elated,” she said of the invitation. “It just feels right, and it feels like we’ve lived here forever.”


Her passions include leading worship and a new Northern Tier prayer-shawl ministry for quilters, knitters and crocheters that is in the works.

“I’d really like to have an ecumenical group where we share patterns … just the fellowship of doing something for others, it’s really life changing,” said White, who quilts and knits for relaxation.

“Needlepoint is important to me. It’s kind of a spiritual thing. It helps me sort of focus on who I am and what I’m about, and to share that with other people so we can pass things on to others is powerful. That’s a big piece of who I am as a pastor.”

In ministering to others, she said, she’s retained a lot of the teaching piece.

“Some of that means finding out what people’s needs are; a lot of that is focused on sharing what I’ve learned about the scriptures. Who was Jesus in the context of his world?”


The mother of four and grandmother of five is excited about having six teens in the church youth group.

“I think the Mooers United Methodist Church can be proud. This little tiny church (of about 30 members) has six active youth in their youth group,” she said.

White takes great care to nurture and encourage her congregation. Church community is also key.

“My style is very definitely not to go out and see how many people I can bring in right away. It’s to build that solid foundation, a comfortable place where people can nurture one another, nurture our youth and children and nurture themselves in faith,” she said.


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