April 15, 2014

No pain, no gain


Our goal is to eat more complex foods with a low-glycemic index between 0-55.

Basically, if it’s packaged, don’t eat it. Red meat is out. Alcohol is out. Sugary anything, including bananas, is out.

For fresh fruits, we can berry all we want at the moment.

Mosher told us 90 percent of our success is what we put in our mouths or don’t. The other 10 percent is what we do in Eclipse or while engaged in physical activity outside of it.

For the first two weeks, I relocated muscles frozen in the Polar Vortex of my fitness inactivity.

When I came to Plattsburgh in 1987 via the U.S. Air Force, I was in the third-best shape of my life after Navy wife and best all-around athlete in high school.

When my lats and glutes were talking to me in excruciating tones, I reflected on how I got here: I forgot to play.

So if you know or see any of the other Go Red BetterUers, encourage them, walk with them, run with them, and play with them — tennis, bowling, shoot hoops.

Their and your heart will beat better for it.

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