July 9, 2012

Shop hop for quilters

Shopperscan get freequilt patterns

ROUSES POINT — Carole Prevost-Meier’s whipped up “Set Sail,” a quilt pattern for Row by Row, a statewide shop hop of quilt shops.

“The triangles are half-square triangles,” said Prevost-Meier, who owns Fibre Junction in Rouses Point.

“Patchwork is a combination of pieces that make the pattern. If you put all half-triangles together, you can create a pinwheel. That creates the movement.”

Her choice of fabric was blue-hued batiks, which are hand-dyed fabrics from Malaysia.

“I have a technique of doing half-square triangles that is really, really quick. There are different methods of doing it. I used the strip method which is really quick. Most people do it with a square. I chose to do a space row meaning that a lot of the quilt shops have a lot of scenery and huge blocks (for rows). I chose to do my block a little bit smaller.”

Janet Lutz of Calico Gals in Syracuse started the shop hop last year with 20 participating shops, who created rows.

“This year, I became aware of it and got a hold of her,” Prevost-Meier said. “What we ended up making it statewide across New York state. Right now, there are over 62 shops participating.”

During the Row by Row shop hop, participant can score free block patterns from quilt shops.

“People collect block patterns. They will piece the patterns they get from the quilt shops and then they will make a quilt. Each shop is designing one row of a quilt. This quilt is not constructed by blocks. It’s constructed by rows.”

Quilters can visit as many as five shops in a weekend.

“Every shop carries something different. I specialize in 19th century reproductions. I have wool for penny rugs. I’m a folk-art hand embroiderer.”

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