November 26, 2013

ECH keeps patients active during recovery



In trying to keep their activities as constant as possible, Hulbert has even taken patients to visit family members in jail, because that was part of their routine before coming to ECH.

“We’re small and get to know everybody and find out about what they like to do,” ECH Director of Community Relations Jane Hooper said. “Kammy learns about each patient and capitalizes on it. It’s a team effort, with OT, PT as well as recreational therapy.

“The mind is a huge part of the recovery,” Hooper added. “Sanity and human interaction all affect the physical recovery.”


Jerome “Jerry” Beck, 64, of AuSable Forks, was seriously injured when the Harley he was riding at 50 mph collided with a deer on Aug. 20.

“I had a bad concussion and didn’t remember the accident,” he said. “My right leg and foot were broken, as well as my ribs and elbow.

“When I came around, I looked up at the ceiling. I knew I had part of my leg amputated. I looked to God and said, ‘Everything will be all right.’”

After surgery and some recovery at Fletcher Allen, Beck, a machinist at Plattco in Plattsburgh, was transferred to ECH.

There, his earlier interest in art was rekindled.

“A son brought me some colored pencils so I could underline scriptures in the Bible. But then I asked for and got some art paper. It kept me from being bored and gave me some inspiration. I have really good people around me,” Beck said.

Hulbert obtained paints and a board for Beck and made it possible for him to paint in his room.

Pointing to one of his creations, Beck said: “This abstract-like painting is called ‘Apples.’ It’s the first painting I have done in years. When I get out of here, I plan on continuing to paint.”

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