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November 28, 2013

Local kids talk turkey

Chazy students share thoughts on being grateful, how holiday came to be

CHAZY — This Thanksgiving, Dale Gonyo is grateful for the things in life that some people take for granted.

The fourth-grader, who attends Chazy Elementary School, is most appreciative of "just having shelter and a family and stuff like that."

Of course, the 9-year-old is also looking forward to eating his favorite Thanksgiving dish: stuffing.

"My whole family comes to my house, and we just have dinner and talk, and it's just fun," he said.

The Press-Republican recently spoke with Dale and several other fourth- and fifth-graders at his school about being thankful, eating turkey and how Thanksgiving came to be.

Aengus Andrew, 9, knows the holiday originated with "pilgrims doing something."

Those pilgrims, the fourth-grader added, were "celebrating something that I'm not really sure of."

According to classmate Benny deOndarza, the first Thanksgiving took place when the pilgrims harvested their first crops.

"When the pilgrims came, the Indians — I mean the Native Americans — they helped them plant crops, so they could get their harvest in the fall and survive their winter," he explained.


Fifth-grader Colby Drake, on the other hand, doesn't know who started Thanksgiving, but imagines it began about 200 years ago.

"I guess I think in, like, the 1800s they just came up with it," he said.

Fifth-grader Pier Morin also thinks that first celebration may have had something to do with pilgrims and Native Americans; though, he likely wouldn't bet on it.

After all, the 11-year-old said, "I haven't seen any movies about that lately."

As for why turkey has become a Thanksgiving staple, fifth-grader Emma Smith believes the answer is simple: "Because it tastes good."

Fellow fifth-grader Olivia McLennan, however, believes there's more to the tradition than just the flavor of the bird.

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